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Braemar Seascope Pte Ltd

80 Robinson Road #22-04,
Singapore 068898

Tel: +65 6533 0198

Fax: +65 6533 1632

Email: [email protected]

Braemar Seascope concentrates on the dry cargo side of the market, servicing local clients in all vessel sizes from Handy up to Capesize. It deals with all cargoes, including imports of ferts and coal/coke for the local industry in general, exports of agriproducts, steel products and manganese and iron ores. They also service the local owners and operators.

Braemar Falconer Pte Ltd


Head Office
10 Anson Road
#33-16 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Tel: +65 6222 9282

Fax: +65 6225 7159


Offices are also located in Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, China, India and London.

Braemar Falconer Pte Ltd , employs a dedicated team of professionals with Marine, Engineering, Naval Architecture, Structural Engineering and Loss Adjusting backgrounds.

This combined experience gives us a "HANDS ON" practical approach as Surveyors, Marine Consultants, and Adjusters and most importantly this knowledge is accessible to our clients.

Our Approach to various assignments is both positive and immediate whether for warranty surveys, independent surveys, loss investigations or loss adjustments which in all cases culminate in a prompt, detailed report.

The firm employs on a full time basis  a team of highly qualified personnel for the four main areas of activity, namely:

  • Loss Prevention Surveys

  • Loss Adjusting Services

  • Technical Analysis and Design Related Assignment

  • Independent Marine Related Surveys

Braemar Quincannon (Joint Venture)

80 Robinson Road #22-04,
Singapore 0468898

Tel: +65 6533 0069

Fax: +65 6536 9381

Email: [email protected]

Braemar Quincannon is a joint venture between Braemar Seascope and Quincannon Associates. Our shipbrokers specialise in the chartering of tankers for the carriage of liquid gas, liquid chemicals, edible oils, acids, solvents, lube oils, base oils, LNG and other associated products. The brokers and operations teams are here to offer their help in providing assistance, guidance and solutions for any problems that may arise. We have earned the reputation of being one of the areas most well informed brokers providing a first class service to our clients.

As a group we recognise the demands associated with the surge in chemical and gas production in the Middle East, South East Asia and North East Asia and the need for a regionally based company to address the logistical challenges created by this rapid growth. The particular strengths each partner brings to Braemar Quincannon will continue to ensure we meet that need.

The chartering and operations departments liaise to ensure a smooth transition from pre- to post-fixture, the focus always being to foresee and prevent problems from occurring. In order to assist with this task, we have a specially designed integrated computer system, specifically targeted at the multi-grade multi-berth multi-port demands of the liquid chemical market, which naturally is also used for the less challenging demands of single grade, single load, single discharge cargoes. This broker system allows each individual to follow each and every part of the shipment at will and improves the efficiency of the individuals, the teams and the company.

The company works closely with its sister company in Shanghai to provide the best possible support to mutual clients for domestic and international trade.


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