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Board of Directors

This page contains a list of the Directors of the Company.

Non-executive Directors

Sir Graham Hearne (70) Chairman

Appointed a Director on 7th October 1999 and Chairman on 26th November 2002. A qualified solicitor, he was formally Chairman of Enterprise Oil plc. He is non-executive Chairman of Catlin Group Limited and Stratic Energy Corp, and non-executive Director of N M Rothschild and Sons Limited, Rowan Companies Inc and Wellstream Holdings Plc.


R.D. Agutter (66)

Appointed a Director on 6th November 2001. A qualified chartered accountant, he was a senior corporate finance partner in KPMG, a firm of public accountants. He is the senior independent nonexecutive Director.


J.S. Denholm (51)

Appointed a Director on 25th July 2002. A qualified chartered accountant, he is Chairman of J&J; Denholm Limited and the Anglo Eastern Management Group Limited. He is a member of the executive committee of the Baltic International Maritime Council (BIMCO) and a director of the Chamber of Shipping Limited.


D.G.Moorhouse (61)

Appointed a Director on 19th January 2005. He is currently Chairman of Lloyd's Register and a trustee of the National Maritime Museum. Until recently he was an advisor on technology exports to the DTI and deputy Chairman of the UK's Foundation for Science and Technology. Formerly he was Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kvaerner Process, Chairman and Chief Executive of Trafalgar, John Brown and a director of John Brown plc.

Executive Directors

A.R.W. Marsh (58) Chief Executive

He was a founder member of Braemar Shipbrokers Limited in 1983 and on 7th March 2001, was appointed Chief Executive of Braemar Seascope Group plc and Chairman of Braemar Seascope Limited and Wavespec Limited. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers and a Director of International Transport Intermediaries Club Limited, the professional and indemnity club for ship agents, ship brokers and ship managers.


J.R.V. Kidwell (46) Finance Director

Appointed a Director on 1st August 2002. He qualified as a chartered accountant with Price Waterhouse in 1988, and then worked in a number of financial roles for Carlton Communications plc between 1989 and 2001, leaving as Group Financial Controller. He was Finance Director of Boosey and Hawkes Music Publishers Limited until June 2002.


D. Petropoulos (51) Executive Director

Appointed a Director on 10th January 2007. He has worked in tanker chartering all his professional life and was a founding director of Braemar Tankers Limited, which was acquired by Braemar Seascope in 2001. He is joint Managing Director of Braemar Seascope Limited, the Group's principal shipbroking subsidiary and has specific responsibility for the Group's tanker chartering activity encompassing deep sea crude and clean product, gas, chemicals and specialised tanker chartering.


Q. Soanes (53) Executive Director

Appointed a Director on 10th January 2007. He has worked as a sale and purchase shipbroker for most of his professional life and was a founding director of Braemar Shipbrokers Limited, which merged with Seascope Shipping Holdings plc in 2001 to form Braemar Seascope Group plc. He is joint Managing Director of Braemar Seascope Limited and has responsibility for business development in the Group. He is also Chairman of the Group's wholly-owned subsidiaries, Cory Brothers Shipping Agency Limited and Braemar Howells Limited.

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