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Braemar Seascope's newbuilding division is universally recognised for its expertise in negotiating contracts between shipowners and shipbuilders for the construction of new vessels, and the skilled team is involved in the contracting of a wide variety of ships:

Crude oil tankers, product tankers, chemical tankers, bulk carriers, container ships, multipurpose vessels, RoRo, ferries, LPG tankers, LNG tankers, FPSO projects

This is a specialised activity requiring high level contact with all of the worlds shipyards and the full confidence of owners who are making major capital investments. Our newbuilding team has a wealth of knowledge gained from many years involvement in the industry. We maintain constant contact with owners and shipyards through regular visits and daily communication. Business has been concluded with shipyards in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan and Singapore, while contracts in Europe have involved yards in Holland, Poland and Spain.

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