This section of the company employs a large team of brokers, backed up by a dedicated operations department, and provides chartering expertise on a global basis in the fields of chemicals, liquid petroleum gases,and smaller size parcels of petroleum products.

Staff have prior experience of working for shipowners, ship agencies and chartering departments within the oil industry, and this division enjoys a client portfolio which embraces most major oil companies, major oil traders, as well as chemical producers on a worldwide basis.
The contracts of affreightment, timecharter and spot market chartering conducted encompass both short-sea and long haul shipments.

In addition to reacting effectively to day to day spot chartering requirements, this division is a market leader in providing added value services for its customers, which range from market reporting to research and bespoke out-tasked operational and analytical work.

With knowledge of shipping over 150 different grades of liquid ranging from refined petroleum products and its various feedstocks through to lubricating oils

and high grade chemicals, Braemar Seascope is one of the foremost centres of expertise within the field of specialist tanker broking.

The gas division covers the three parts of the seaborne gas market - the liquefied petroleum gas, the chemical gas and the liquefied natural gas markets. In harmony with the chemicals division, the gas department also provides value-added services to its clients in addition to traditional broking services.

With an extensive client base which includes major oil companies and their gas trading divisions, state-owned oil and gas companies, leading traders and ship owners, the business comprises a mixture of timecharter, contracts of affreighment and spot movements on a global basis.

Braemar Seascope is a partner in a specialist gas and chemicals brokerage company callled SBQ Pte Ltd which is based in Singapore. This enhances our ability to service markets on a worldwide basis.